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A spectrum analyzer that's 3 tools in 1

  • Doug Wong, Engineer
    "For me, this instrument represents a paradigm shift in how I troubleshoot. It combines so much powerful functionality into one instrument and streamlines the tasks so efficiently that it will get used far more than my previous instruments. Features like the deep storage memory, high resolution A/D, 4 channels plus logic probes and FFT capability allow me to troubleshoot problems I couldn’t tackle before."
    Doug Wong, Engineer
    RTB2004 element14 RoadTest
  • Marco R.
    "Best I've ever had."
  • Fred27
    “Couldn’t ask for anything more.”
    element14 RoadTest Review
  • dougw
    "Spectacular time saver."
    element14 RoadTest Review
  • nctnico
    "A very good choice."
  • Shabaz, Engineer
    "A large suite of capabilities."
    Shabaz, Engineer
    element14 RoadTest
  • Shahriar Shahramian, Ph.D.
    "It means that you will be able to get Rohde & Schwarz quality, their wonderful software and GUI design and all the other great things Rohde & Schwarz offers at a much more affordable entry price point."
    Shahriar Shahramian, Ph.D.
    The Signal Path Blogger
  • "Both better and faster."
  • Shabaz, Engineer
    "The performance and feature mix is excellent because it provides all engineers with a large suite of capabilities. The FPC1500 is relevant for working with any modern circuitry including diverse topics like power supplies, wireless charging, electronic circuit tracing and troubleshooting, component characterization, wiring and network installations, and myriad other things you can think of – it’s all RF!"
    Shabaz, Engineer
    FPC1500 element14 RoadTest
  • James Lewis, Engineer
    "Plenty of features and functionality for its price class. The FPC1500 excels at both the low and high end. It is not often you get the advantages of both better and faster in the same instrument."
  • Dr. Cosmin Iorga
    "I like that it has a large screen, the screen’s sharpness and clarity, the multitude of built-in functions and measurements and the clear help documentation, displayed directly on the screen and easily accessible for each button and function of the oscilloscope. This help implementation is a great feature for students or anyone who is a beginner in using oscilloscopes. All these features make the R&S®RTB2000 oscilloscope 'a piece of jewelry' in my lab."
    Dr. Cosmin Iorga
    UCLA Extension Instructor
  • jadew
    “This is a good power supply. Lots of power in a compact format, very good construction, reasonably clean output and very accurate. Should serve well both in a lab and in a production environment.”
    element14 HMP4040 RoadTest
  • Gough Lui
    “The HMP4040.04 is featureful, highly performant, easy to use on the bench and with a sensible traditional design.”
    Gough Lui
    element14 HMP4040 RoadTest
  • qhirmer
    “Despite its simplicity, it leaves nothing to be desired. I can definitely recommend the power supply.”
    element14 HMP4040 RoadTest
  • Gough Lui
    “The HMP4040.04 was beyond impressive with voltage and current programming accuracies.”
    Gough Lui
    element14 HMP4040 RoadTest
  • Gough Lui
    “The HMP4040.04 really does perform as you would expect from a device bearing the Rohde & Schwarz badge and is commendable as one of the only true four-rail supplies on the market.”
    Gough Lui
    element14 HMP4040 RoadTest
  • nctnico
    “These power supplies have really powerful capabilities.”
  • nctnico
    "Beautifully engineered."

Get the performance and capabilities you need

Layer 13

R&S® FPC 1500

$3,475Savings up to

  • Frequency range: Up to 3 GHz
  • Preamplifier
  • Spectrum Analyzer, Tracking Generator, VNA, Sig Gen
  • Modulation analysis plus more
Spectrum-Rider (1)

R&S® FPH Spectrum Rider

$6,925Savings up to

  • Handheld spectrum analyzer
  • -163 dBm displayed average noise level
  • 6-hour battery

The Value of Three

The R&S®FPC1500 base instrument has a frequency range from 5 kHz to 1 Ghz with keycode options to unlock up to 3 GHz and other features. Engineered in Germany, it provides the best dynamic range in its class. In combination with RBW settings down to 1 Hz, it resolves the finest details, which are displayed on the high-resolution 10.1” WXGA display. Wired or wireless remote control options are available free of charge.
The R&S®FPC1500 features an internal VSWR bridge that makes purchasing and mounting/dismounting an external bridge unnecessary. S11 reflection measurements are supported, including Smith chart and DTF features.
The R&S®FPC1500 not only features standard tracking generator measurements with frequency offset functionality, its signal source is independent to enable signal generator functionality. A CW signal can be set within the frequency range, or in a coupled mode to follow the center frequency setting of the spectrum analyzer mode.

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Featured Review

R&S®FPC1500 Review

The R&S®FPC1500 is not just a spectrum analyzer. In addition to being able to measure RF signals, it is also an RF signal generator. The attractive use for that generator is combining with the spectrum analyzer into an instrument called the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Below I talk about each of these instruments or features–since it is one low-cost box.

Spectrum Analyzer

The R&S®FPC1500 is based on the R&S®FPC1000, which is only a spectrum analyzer. That is a good thing; the R&S®FPC1000 is a great analyzer.

The base model offers a 5 kHz to 1 GHz frequency range. Option keys enable upper-frequency limits of 2 GHz and 3 GHz. At the end of the post, I address the unit’s upgradability a bit more.

Beyond frequency range, there are two other spectrum analyzer “banner specifications” to consider: RBW and DANL.


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